The Jury

The Jury of the photo contest “One Day In Venezia” is composed of:

Chiara Curto, woman sandolista-“gondolier”, and more.

Lorenzo Mullon, street poet, and more.

Paola Ravizza, journalist, and more.

Rosalba Giorcelli, art curator, and more.

Milvia Turrini, photographer, and more.


The multiformity of the Jury, composed by some of the most eclectic and passionate people you may meet in Venice, is meant to encourage a broad view on artistic self expressions.


Chiara Curto

Chiara Curto.

Deep conoisseur of Venice and the Venitian culture and lifestyle, passionate of photography, and a row champion, Chiara in one of the 2 women authorized to provide gondola service. She can be seen in her typical uniform rowing her boat, which is called sandolo (very similar to the gondola, but of older origin).
Chiara is a non conventional guide to the less known Serenissima, introducing visitors of all nationalities to the exploration of the minor canals in Cannaregio.
Born in Genoa, like most “foresti” living in Venice she is a very fond defender of the city.

Lorenzo Mullon, ph.

Lorenzo Mullon.

Another unconventional conoisseur of Venice, and another foresto, Lorenzo has made of poetry his way of life, sharing his views with people of all cultures. Walking the calli and campielli of Venice, he offers his rhymes, and is often invited to international poetry meetings, and he has received several awards.  He is also a painter and an experienced photographer, specialist in photographing butterflies, as they – for some unknown reason – love to take a rest on his fingers. Maybe because he speaks to them?


Rosalba  Giorcelli.

Art curator, gallerist, designer, art coach and motivational coach. Gives classes and workshops. Her gallery’s mission is to discover new talents, so… let us suggest you to do your best and submit your pics here.


Paola Ravizza

Paola Ravizza.

A professional journalist with various experiences, from corporate communications to travel journalism,  and  television storytelling. Tightrope walker of the thought and of the written word, Ravizza translates her visions into  short stories and poems – so intimate that she prefers not to publish them.  For the same reason, in her resume she does not mention some skill in drawing and painting.  An absolute lover of photography.

Milvia Turrini, tautological portrait of foresta (“foresta” meaning both “forest” and “non Venetian”).

Milvia Turrini.

Born into a family with a high concentration of artists, she was struck by Venice at the age of two, and by music at the age of three. As a result, she followed a career as costume designer, applied musicologist, painter and photographer – always drawing special inspiration from Nature. She strongly believes in self healing, and in the power of  a good laugh.




(more to come)

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