7th edition – 2022

The 7th edition – 2022

We are about to announce the Grand winning photo of the 7th edition. In the meantime, here are the 2022 finalists! Please note that we are listing the photos alphabetically by the name of its Author;  the number does not refer to the ranking or the month of the contest (because in 2022 it had a discontinuity).

A brief premise: as has already happened in the past, we had to exclude some competitors who turned out to be professional photographers (while our regulation reserves participation to non-professional photographers, i.e. people who carry out a primary profession other than photography). We have also discarded some shots, however valuable, which – we assume involuntarily – reproduce images that we have already awarded in previous editions (practically identical architectural shots).

Here we repeat an important communication: for various reasons, including as a result of the pandemic, the years 2020, 2021, and 2022 were very demanding for our forces. We are suspending the OneDayInVenezia Photo Contest as you knew it, to give us the opportunity to complete what we have started, especially the mega catalog. We hope to be able to reopen the competition soon in a social-technological version.

The 12 finalists (monthly winners) of the 2022 edition:

Graziano Andreassi (Italy), Jeff Beem (Switzerland), Ida Farina (I), Luigi Florindo (I), Daniel Garcia (Guatemala), Colin Griffiths (UK), Jonas Jünger (Austria), Vassilia Kouboulis (France), Francesco Munaro (I), Federico Piccioni (I), Irina Shmigova (Russia-Italy), Roberto Taioli (I).

Among them, we are about to select the 2022 Grand Winner.

Special Prize: Silvia Assin (France).














Special Prize: