7th edition – 2022

And here we go…

… with the 2022 Grand Winner!

Please note that we are listing the 12 selected photos (the finalists) alphabetically by the name of its Author;  the ordering number does not refer to the ranking or the month of the contest (because in 2022 it had a discontinuity).

A brief premise: as has already happened in the past, we had to exclude some competitors who turned out to be professional photographers (while our regulation reserves participation to non-professional photographers, i.e. people who carry out a primary profession other than photography). We have also discarded some shots, however valuable, which – we assume involuntarily – reproduce images that we have already awarded in previous editions (practically identical architectural shots).

Here we repeat an important communication: for various reasons, including as a result of the pandemic, the years 2020, 2021, and 2022 were very demanding for our forces. We are suspending the OneDayInVenezia Photo Contest as you knew it, to give us the opportunity to complete what we have started, especially the mega catalog. We hope to be able to reopen the competition soon in a social-technological version.

The 12 finalists (monthly winners) of the 2022 edition:

Graziano Andreassi (Italy), Jeff Beem (Switzerland), Ida Farina (I), Luigi Fiorindo (I), Daniel Garcia (Guatemala), Colin Griffiths (UK), Jonas Jünger (Austria), Vassilia Kouboulis (France), Francesco Munaro (I), Federico Piccioni (I), Irina Shmigova (Russia-Italy), Roberto Taioli (I).

Special Prize: Silvia Assin (France).

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It’s him!!!!  The 2022 Grand Winner!


Hi, I’m Francesco Munaro, a passionate photographer for many years and although I often go to Venice, every time I exit the Santa Lucia railway station and look out over the Grand Canal, I can’t help but be amazed and moved by a city suspended in a precarious balance on the water, which I find magically intriguing.

It’s a sumptuous and opulent, often decadent charm that captures you and never leaves you, a lady who proudly shows her wrinkles: not as a debasement of her beauty, but as a confirmation of being there, above all and in spite of all.

I am attracted by the evolution of light, by its continuous change into shadow and vice versa, by their alternation, and especially by that gray area in constant transformation, that ever-changing threshold between light and shadow where time and space merge.
For me the photographic image is above all a special vehicle of emotions: shooting photos is standing in front of the world and listening to myself.


Hi, this is Graziano Andreassi. I live in Parma and have been passionate about photography since the 1980s. Venice for me is one of those cities with a special charm of its own.

I prefer to photograph cities at night because for me they acquire a magical atmosphere. I have come to Venice many times during the day; I decided to come once at night with a friend and we spent the whole night around the city taking pictures.

One day I read about the contest and decided to participate with one of those shots taken at night: it was a great satisfaction to know that it was chosen by the contest’s jury.

I will continue to come and photograph Venice because every time I discover some new glimpse.



Hi everybody, this is Jeff Beem.

I moved to Switzerland four years ago from the USA. The beautiful landscapes of Switzerland ignited my interest in photography, and I now take my camera with me everywhere I go, hoping to capture beautiful moments and landscapes.
My wife and I decided to plan a short trip to Venice while our son was visiting, and we fell in love with the city during the initial water taxi ride to our hotel. I walked 35,000 steps through the little alleys of Venice on my first full day, looking for great photo opportunities. In the end, getting up early for sunrise each day provided the biggest payoff.
Venice is a true gem of a destination and heaven for photography enthusiasts.



Hi! This is Colin Griffiths. Thank you for selecting my photo in your final 12 images. I’m very flattered!

I’m a retired pilot whose hobby is travel photography. I live in Jersey, one of the UK Channel Islands.
Venice is one of my favourite destinations and I’ve visited on four or five occasions. In the summer I would drive, usually in my vintage MG TD (1950) with my fingers crossed that we would make it there and back!

The photo that you have chosen was taken during my most absolute favourite visit. It was January 2022. Venice was empty, and quiet. Covid had stopped the tourists and I felt as though I had the city to myself. It was absolutely wonderful for taking photos in empty streets and plazas still decorated
from Christmas. I have pictures taken in Murano and Burano without a soul in sight. Hopefully, this will never happen again, but in England they say that every cloud has a silver lining, and this was mine. Ciao.




Ciao! I’m Ida Farina and I’m happy to be one of the 12 finalists of this contest.
Passionate about life and nature, I always try to capture its deepest and most magical aspects.

I am sporty and curious, and also for this reason I have dealt with many things in my life: among the most important, having raised two children, and having enjoyed sunrises and sunsets in many places around the world.

I live and work in beautiful Verona and often travel to Venice. Every time it’s like the first one. Every time Venice surprises me, it charms me and kidnaps me. I enter another dimension, a fairy tale beyond time and space.

With photography, I like to capture moments and live emotions through original shots. I love capturing the simplicity of one detail, often overlooking the complexity that surrounds it. I never modify my photos, leaving that moment of life unchanged.


Hi, this is Luigi Fiorindo: I was born in 1982 in Mestre (Venice’s mainland) where I still live. After graduating in graphic arts, I entered the IUAV (University of Architecture in Venice); then I quit and switched to the printing world, where I have worked for 15 years. Determined to change my life, now, I am currently pursuing a career as a freelance Graphic and UX/UI designer.

I have always been in love with Venice, art, music, and ‘getting my hands dirty’; unable to verticalize, with a constant unfulfilled desire to add new knowledge and skills to my baggage, despite not being a professional I have found in painting and photography my natural and favorite form of expression. My passion for photographic films and analog cameras led me to learn how to service vintage cameras, in particular twin lenses Rolleiflex cameras, which remain my favorite medium format cameras. I was lucky enough to grow up when technology developed massively and therefore I don’t disdain digital photography, but I still seek the analog experience of “thinking before shooting” rather than selecting from hundreds of images afterward.

I want to capture unexpected moments, interesting expressions and faces, sharp shadows, contrasts, and tones of color. I am fascinated by people, light, geometries, and architectures so for me there is no better habitat than Venice, a city where all these elements are forced to meet — given the impossibility of locking oneself in cars. I can’t help but put my feet on the street stones of Venice as soon as I get the chance, wander aimlessly for hours, slow down the frenzy of life, and clear my mind, looking for that single moment or sensation that makes me put my finger on the shutter button wondering “Does it really make sense to freeze this instant?”.

I share my paintings on the Instagram profile @doadoodleaday and my photos on @filmrolllover where I’m recently carrying out a personal project that I called “Giving smiles”: if I take some stolen shots of people, I print out a polaroid and give it to them. It’s amazing how a small unexpected gesture, receiving a snapshot of a memory, can change someone’s day and consequently your own.



Hello, my name is Daniel García, I greet you from Guatemala.

I am an architect by profession so the love of photography and landscapes is always present.

Photography has captured my attention as a way to immortalize moments.

With my family we organized a trip to Europe, finding a beautiful Venice almost empty due to Covid, but with spectacular magic in its streets and landscapes.

I left in love hoping to return to relive those moments with my loved ones and with such beautiful people.




Greetings! My name is Jonas Jünger and I live in Vienna. Venice, located just a short distance away, is a cherished destination for my life partner and me. It holds a special place in our hearts, never failing to refresh our spirits and leave us in awe of the city’s beauty. We always look forward to returning.
The profile photo shows us just before the selected photo of the sunrise was taken.

During the initial lockdown, I began pursuing photography as a creative endeavor, as a new way to explore nature and its intricate details. It has quickly become a passion of mine, with macrophotography capturing my interest right from the start. Nowadays, I enjoy exploring different
genres and always bring my photography gear with me when traveling. Photography allows me to perceive the world from a different perspective and discover details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

The possibility to freeze fleeting moments in time and tell stories that may otherwise go
untold is what makes it worthwhile in my opinion. I see photography as a form of meditation that helps me slow down in a fast-moving world, leading to a deeper appreciation of the world’s complexity and beauty.

The selected photo was captured early in the morning, though it was one of the later shots of this sunrise. As a first-time photographer of a Venice sunrise, the experience was particularly memorable. Before sunrise, the city was in a peaceful slumber, and just before the first rays of light broke over
the horizon, it felt as though Venice was taking a deep breath in preparation for a busy day.
What sets Venice apart for me is its countless array of angles and perspectives it offers, making it an intriguing city to explore on foot with lots of details to discover on each visit.



Bonjour, I am Vassilia Kouboulis and I am writing to you from France!

I like to travel, walk around and capture places, people, and moments.

Venice is one of my favorite places, I can’t help but go back again and again.

I like its luminosity, its fragrance, and colors. I love getting lost in its streets, and contemplating the scenery and the life of the Venetians.

Thanks again, ciao.










Hi, this is me! I’m Federico Piccioni, nice to meet you.

My passion for photography grew slowly and finally exploded a few years ago, during the lockdown. Not the best time to practice street photography, but certainly the best to fuel the desire to live, to go out, and to shoot. I satisfied this desire when I could, and that is when the world started to turn round again. And together with the world, I too started to travel again.

Among my still unexplored destinations, at the age of thirty and for the first time in my life, I chose the enchanting Venice. Destiny wanted me to return a few months later, for the International Film Festival. It was during this second short stay that I took this photo on a stormy late summer night.



ciao, this is Irina Shmygova, from Genoa.

Saying that Venice is a magical city seems banal. But no one can deny that magic lives here, it walks through the narrow streets that lead who knows where… but always in the direction of San Marco. I’m not talking about big events and evocative places, but about a daily magic that suddenly appears when you don’t expect it.

Carnival is not just a tourist attraction. It’s a bit like theater, like in Gigi Proietti’s famous phrase: everything is fake but nothing is fake.

Maybe I’m obsessed with parallel worlds… In the real world, you see two masked actors, then by chance you meet the eyes of the mask, and following their slow dance with your gaze, you feel how the real world is blurring, and the magic sucks you out, taking you straight into the parallel world. Scaring, and wonderful. It’s the emotion I wanted to transmit with my picture.



Hello, fellow photographers! This Roberto Taioli.

I was born in Milan to a Venetian mother.
I am a professor of Philosophy and essayist, a member of the Italian Society of Aesthetics, and an expert in Aesthetics at the Catholic University of Milan. Author of five books of poetry, I am also a regular contributor to the poetry website “The Presence of Erato”.

I have been a lecturer several times at the “Filosofia sul Naviglio” review in Milan.
I love black and white photography because it is more evocative and rich in nuances, like the word of the poetic text.




Hi, this is Silvia Assin, and here I am in this pic taken in China by someone I met on the way (after being thrown from a nag’s saddle…).
I don’t feel very photogenic; on the other hand, I really like photographing people, especially on the street, in motion: I use to take series of photos in a single, short moment, almost as if it were a frame from a film. It is easy to have people photographed; sometimes they even ask me to take their picture, without even wanting to receive the photo. That’s weird!

I am equally passionate about cinema and photography. An ongoing project of mine is a dictionary of noises and sounds, with short video footage. And in photography, I love to observe how the city changes thru details.

I have lived in Nice (south of France) for more than twenty years. I teach Italian to French people with an experimental visual method. I study Chinese. In Milan, I worked in fashion as a stylist and then for a short time as director of a film school, and before that, I took a degree in philosophy.

Venice: when I lived in Milan I used to visit on day trips. My first real stay was a revelation: Venice has to be seen in the early morning, in the evening, and at night, walking. I return at least once a year and I always get lost, I guess I’ll never get to know it all. I saw Piazza S. Marco at dawn, the city waking up: the arrival of empty vaporettoes, and of street vendors, dog walkers, wedding photographers, a Chinese couple with a heart balloon… or in a kayak in Cannaregio.
For me, Venice is also the Biennale of art and architecture, contemporary dance, cinema. And the photography contest!

I read about the photo competition by chance on the web. I like its regulations, and I am in tune with the principle of the documentary photo. I shoot photos spontaneously before having time to think. And in this photo of the planet and the child, I saw (later) that Venice is a world heritage site and that it must be preserved for the next generations: it could be the city of the future, ecological, etc., and fill up again with children playing everywhere. A utopia? Mais porquoi pas...

(to be continued)