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One Day in Venezia,
the Venice photo competition:
every month a new international
for aspiring / amateur photographers!
Show us Venice Italy through your eyes: you could win monthly prizes, a fabulous vacation, and your own solo show in an art gallery.

If you love photography, have visited Venezia in any year and season, and took good pictures…  Enter your Venice photos to this very special contest: do it for fun, for the chance to win a vacation in Venice, or as a dream opportunity if you are an aspiring photographer! (this will provide you with a new line to add to your resume btw…)

This very special competition is open to all aspiring and amateur photographers.
Listed as one of the top 10 things to do in Venice.

Needless to say, the theme of Venice photos contest is… the most beautiful city in the world!

Shots of your favorite places, or hidden spots, details, views, Carnival, gondolas, lights, colors, or anything else that grabbed your attention and you would have wished to take home with you? what you’ll never forget about this journey?  Make the most out of your travel pictures! 

The 3rd edition (2017-2018) has ended! Still we are granting two more days for the stragglers. But you can submit your photos also in the next weeks, as all entries from October 20th to December 31st, 2018 will be part of the first round for the 4th edition of the photo contest.


Every day you can submit your best photos of Venice.
The earlier you enter them, the better,
as the monthly awarded photographers will compete for the Grand Prize:
2 days in Venice Italy for 2, and your solo show in an art gallery, also in Venezia!

The Jury‘s decision on all matters relating to the competition is final.

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Discover Our Partners – Offering  You An Unforgettable Staying!

Hotel Papadopoli Venice by Sofitel MGallery, Hotel Metropole, Hilton Molino Stucky Venice, Cipriani Harry’s Bar Venezia, Gran Caffè Quadri Alajmo, Ristorante da Ivo, and more, are partners of One Day in Venezia. The Grand Winner will be given the best of the local luxury hospitality in 2 fabulous days of vacation in VeniceThe lucky (and clever) winner photographer may decide to give the 2 nights staying, dinners and gondola tour as a present to someone else; the right to the solo show is personal.
(“And what about the trip?” you may ask.  Good news! The final prize includes the connection between Venice Italy and the closest “hub” in your country) 

How to apply to the One Day in Venezia photo contest ? Only via this website.

Press the button, register, and submit your photos (you will be prompted to upload them one by one).

You are a few clicks away!

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Who will be the next monthly winners? and the final Grand Winner? The 3rd edition is over, and will announce its Grand Winner shortly.
In a few weeks the competition will start again for its 4th round (2018-2019)

See the photos awarded monthly to date on The Winners page.

Here below are last month’s awarded pic. Congratulations to Jaroslav Mares from Czech Republic: we could not decide which of these two pictures to award, so we are publishing them both!


one day in venezia photo contest





one day in venezia photo contest


Last year, the 2nd edition’s Grand Winner has been Tatiana Lazareva, from Russia:see her receiving her prize in Venice last December.

The Grand Winner of this 3rd edition will be chosen in October

Who will be the next winner?
It could be you!

And let us remind you of the 1st edition’s Grand Winner, Annik Susemihl (Germany).  Receiving the One Day In Venezia Photo Contest award has encouraged her to enthusiastically pursuing her dream of becoming a semi-professional photographer. A fan of the Venice Carnival! Had her very own solo show with us, and has been then invited to take part to photo shows, and requested to publish a Venice photo calendar of her own by a German publisher. Well done, Annik!



The previews of the group show are
 held at the Hilton Molino Stucky Venice.  How exciting! 

photo show molino stucky hilton hotel 2017

Any photographer can submit Venice photos monthly, at a cost of 10 euros for the first entry and 5 euros per each extra entry. We accept Paypal and Alipay. You can upload photos after registering here.

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Winners to be announced on day 1 (or little later! sorry) of every month.
Entries can be resubmitted in subsequent months, with the same photo or new ones, with a discounted fee.
EVERY submitted photo will get exposure at Giudecca 795. Yes, just by submitting to the One Day In Venezia contest, your work will be displayed in the art gallery on an electronic display which will feature all of each month’s submissions.

Twelve winners will be selected – one per month – to have their work produced as a high quality print, and displayed in a group show of the twelve winners, hosted for free at the Gallery

The 12 winning Venice photos will also be published in a calendar, with great international exposure
Each of the monthly winners has the potential to win ONE YEARLY GRAND PRIZE including the above, plus in addition:


Dates of the stayings and shows to be agreed upon availability.

(If you submit a group of images each month, your entire collection of submissions will be displayed, creating your own show of your work among that month’s entries.)

The entry fee is only 10 euros for registration and 1 submitted photo; only 5 euros for each extra submitted pic. The fees contribute to the costs of organization and exhibition, and helps underwrite art projects in Venice.

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>> Register here <<

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Do you like the project?
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  Thank You!!

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