Nov 21st, 2019

We assume you have heard that in recent days (12-13 Nov) Venice has been flooded  by an unexpected and exceptional tide,  that has caused considerable damage and trouble to the whole population and businesses.  One of them is  a partner of our contest:  the Giudecca795 contemporary art gallery.  It’s been a most unexpected event for them, as the place had never been flooded before!

No worries for the contest monthly winners: the gallery manager and assistant have already lifted, and saved the great majority of artworks (among them, the awarded prints)

But much work is still to be done at the gallery because of the amount of stuff. Obviously their rush against time is being blocking the gallery business. And we are willing to help, first of all sharing this information.

If interested, join the gallery’s mailing list, as they are thinking of a special campaign for the upcoming festivities,  to raise some money, try to cover the damages, and  free some space. The campaign will include some objects and papers which survived the exceptional aqua alta, and will present a selection of interesting  talents that the gallery intends to continue promoting and nurturing.  The gallery’s aim is to keep up the good work.

In the meanwhile… the photo contest continues! A new category prize “acquaalta”, with the intention to have the winning photo print take part in a fund raising event for Venice.

Buona Salute!