The 2021 Grand Winner is Hana FIALOVA (Czech Republic)!

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Here are the monthly winners awarded in the 2021 edition of One Day In Venezia Photo Contest.






Ciao, this is Hana Fialova! As an interpreter and translator of the Italian language, I have been visiting Venice for many years and for just as long I have been trying to capture it in photographs. For me it is not just a city, but rather a stage with incredibly colourful and rich backdrops, in which in the tradition of Carlo Goldoni’s plays the extraordinary and completely ordinary stories of its inhabitants play out. I will never forget the first time I came to Venice. When I got off the train at Santa Lucia Station and the lagoon with the Ponte degli Scalzi and the green dome of the Church of San Simeone appeared in front of me, I knew immediately that the city and its people would always remain close to my heart and a reason to return there.

As an amateur photographer, I am mainly interested in street photography, architecture and reportage, so vibrant and varied Venice is the perfect destination for me. I took the photograph, which the jury selected in this competition, on the island of Burano one September evening when the tourists had left the picturesque waterfront and the setting sun was illuminating the narrow streets. Two lost Japanese tourists suddenly appeared in an opening in one of the streets. Before I took them to the vaporetto stop, from the distance I managed to photograph their silhouettes against the backdrop of this immense beauty that you won’t find anywhere other than in Venice.






Ciao, this is Francesco Munaro,

a passionate photographer since many years ago. I live in Monselice in the province of Padua, and although I often visit Venice, every time I leave the Santa Lucia station and I look out onto the Grand Canal, I cannot help but be amazed and touched, in front of a city tragically suspended on the water that I magically find intriguing.

It’s a special charm, sometimes sumptuous and opulent, sometimes decadent, that gets inside you and never leaves you, it’s like a lady showing her wrinkles with pride: not as a debasement of her beauty, but as a confirmation of being there – above all, and despite everything.

I am attracted by the becoming of light, by its continuous changing into shadow and vice versa, by their alternation and especially by that gray area in continuous transformation, that changing threshold between light and shadow of continuous evolution where time and space merge.

For me, the photographic image is above all a special vehicle of emotions: when taking photos, I feel like putting myself in front of the world and listening to myself.




ciao a tutti, this is Marco Contessa. I live at the Lido of  Venice and work as a sales representative. I have always been passionate about photography and cinema, and in love with my city. At first, I experienced analogic photography, then moved on to new technologies, digital cameras and sometimes iPhone. For me, photography must convey emotions, and the colors, the light and the cutting of the image, the technique are at their service.

I am not a professional photographer, but I am proud of my achievements: some of my images have been selected and included in various international publications and books, even in TV shows. I have won numerous online contests, and have had some personal shows.

During the lockdown, several of my photos were published in various foreign newspapers (Le Parisien Week, Le Figaro!) and broadcast on  TVs such as NBC in London, and a Polish TV channel! And I have to mention some appearances of my photos in the Rai3 program Geo, about the “stravedamento” optical effect (note: a deformation of the perspective obtained with telephoto lenses, on certain clear days. The Dolomite mountains seem to grow bigger, appearing high in the background of Venice and the Lagoon.)


The next photographer helps us to immerse ourselves in a very special place, iconic but unknown to most people: this is the place where the glass for the most beautiful mosaics in Venice is born. This is not advertising, but… service information!

Hi guys, this is Maurizio Zanetti, a great photography enthusiast and lover of Venice. Would you like to know where I shot my award-winning photo?

It takes a lot of patience to visit the Fornace Orsoni in Venice. At the moment it is possible to do it (free of charge) on the first and last Wednesday of the month, for a splendid guided tour lasting one hour, for a maximum of ten people. It is a pity that there are many requests from all parts of the world and that, for the rest of 2021, there are already no more vacancies. I booked my visit almost a year ago and the only thing I regret is not having booked more visits: in fact, it is true that the whole Fornace can be seen in a one hour guided tour, but once the emotion and curiosity of the first time have been overcome, it would be great to come back just to be enchanted by the colors of the glass, the mastery of the glassmakers, the casting and the fantastic tile cutters. And above all, the magical atmosphere of an absolutely unique corner of Venice.


Ciao! I am Sofia Pilotto, a student of Business Administration at the Ca’  Foscari University of Venice. Living in the province of Vicenza, I have always experienced Venice as a commuter. For this reason, every time I have the chance to spend a few days in this wonderful city, outside the university, I like to explore Venice in every corner and get lost in the various streets trying to capture details and sensations with my compact camera.
I have only approached photography in recent years, there is still a lot I would like to learn; before this, I concentrated mainly on shooting underwater videos, since I am also a diving instructor.
I shot “Venezia è viva (Venice is alive” from the panoramic terrace of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi on my birthday in February. Together with a friend of mine we admired the splendid panorama, but the wind was so cold that we just had time to take a couple of photos; my hands were frozen but now I can say it was worth it!
Venice means art in every square centimeter, it is a colorful, mysterious city, perhaps a little melancholic at times, but it is not just an “open-air museum”. Venice is alive because real people live there. And when everyday life is intertwined with its majesty, we can admire its true beauty! It would be a dream to be able to live there every day.






Hi, this is Maria Rossi:

as a digital native, I started photographing as a child and, since then, I have never stopped. The camera allows me to better observe the space that surrounds me, and, in particular, the cities I visit; it lets me grasp aspects that with a quick glance, perhaps, I would not be able to grasp.

Like this contrast of lights that, only after taking the photo, I was able to observe more deeply. It allowed me to look at Venice in a different light. I took it during the trip I made in the lagoon in January of last year; just before the lock-down due to the pandemic (a lucky moment, though in unfortunate circumstances!).

I got to know the city in its winter guise and it fascinated me to the point of arousing the curiosity to discover its appearance in the other seasons of the year.

This was my first visit, and it certainly won’t be the last one!



Hi everyone, I’m Anna Virili and I’m from Udine.

Living a few hours from Venice, I have visited it numerous times since childhood.

I then attended Ca ‘Foscari University, an experience that made me fall in love forever with Venice and its magic.

Now that my eldest daughter is attending the same university, I don’t miss any opportunity to go back to get lost in the calli and take some photos.









Ciao, I am Susanna Pergher, I am seventeen and I am a student at the scientific high school in Trento. I am a very positive girl, I always throw myself into new adventures without fear, as I consider them as very important opportunities to broaden my knowledge and to mature.

I believe that my generation has lots of potentialities, which is why I gladly participate in the active life of my city also by designing and helping in the implementation of projects aimed at young people in which you feel free to discuss.

Since I was very little, one of my greatest passions is photography, because, in addition to the function of remembrance of past events, which is very important to me, I believe that through a photo you can express many more emotions than by a written text.

I have been to Venice twice: once when I was very young, and the other one in September 2020, and I immediately fell in love with it. I immersed myself in her beauties and felt overwhelmed by a sense of freedom and a dream. As soon as possible I will definitely return to this fantastic city, which never ceases to amaze you.






Ciao Venezia! This is Pam Wheeler, from the United States.

Venice lives in my heart always. The first time I experienced the colors and feelings and sounds of Venice on my skin, I felt at home.

I love to wander and linger and stroll with my camera in Venice, because her beauty is as grand as its Canal and as intricate as a  master’s painting.

I am a marketing director who has held leadership positions with both Fortune 500 and start-up companies in the United States. My passion for photography was born by spending a lot of time in nature and taking long walks with my camera.

And that’s exactly why I love Venice. She invites long walks and getting lost, to explore colors and shapes textures.