The new photo contest is up and running! Have a look at the first monthly winners of the 2021 One Day In Venezia Photo Contest.

Who will be the next Winner? It could be you!

Click here to submit your photos of  Venice, taken during your past trips in any year and season. The next deadline is the last day of the month.




Ciao Venezia! This is Pam Wheeler, from the U.S.

Venice lives in my heart always. The first time I experienced the colors and feelings and sounds of Venice, I felt at home.

I love to wander and linger and stroll with my camera in Venice because her beauty is as grand as the Canal and as intricate as a master’s painting.

I am a marketing director who has held leadership positions with both Fortune 500 and start-up companies in the United States. My passion for photography was born by spending time in nature and taking long walks with my camera.

That is why I love Venice. She invites long walks and getting lost to explore colors and shapes textures.





Ciao, I am Susanna Pergher, I am seventeen years old and I attend the scientific high school in Trento. I am a very sunny and extroverted girl, I always throw myself into new adventures without fear, as very important opportunities for me because they allow me to expand my knowledge and to mature.

I believe that my generation has a lot of potentials, that’s why I participate willingly in the active life of my city also by designing and helping in the implementation of projects aimed at young people in which we feel free to confront each other.

Since I was a small child, one of my greatest passions is photography: in addition to the function of remembering past events, which is very important to me, I believe that through a photo you can express many more emotions than a written text.

I’ve been to Venice twice, once when I was very young and once in September 2020, and I immediately fell in love with it. I immersed myself in its beauty and felt overwhelmed by a sense of freedom and dream. As soon as possible I will definitely return to this fantastic city, which never ceases to amaze you.