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Meet the winners of past months’
photography competitions
(12 monthly competitions. The next deadline is the last day of the current month).

  • 7th edition 2022:
    we are about to select the 2022 Grand Winner among Graziano Andreassi (Italy), Jeff Beem (Switzerland), Ida Farina (I), Luigi Florindo (I), Daniel Garcia (Guatemala), Colin Griffiths (UK), Jonas Jünger (Austria), Vassilia Kouboulis (France), Francesco Munaro (I), Federico Piccioni (I), Irina Shmigova (Russia-Italy), Roberto Taioli (I). Special Prize: Silvia Assin (France)
  • 6th edition 2021: Grand Winner: Hana Fialova (Czech Republic).
    Susanna Pergher (Italy). Pamela Wheeler (USA, 2 awarded shots); Anna Virili (I); Maria Rossi (I), May: Sofia Pilotto (I); June: Maurizio Zanetti (I); Marco Contessa (I); Francesco Munaro (I); Hana Fialova (Czech Republic); Silvia Pierobon (I); Luis Freire Salinas (Spain).
  • 5th edition 2020: Grand Winner: Marco Buson (Italy). Monthly winners: Rosamaria Bidoli (I), Marco Buson (I), Giuseppe Caridi (I), Nick & Natacha Coates (UK), Stefano Conti (I), Luis Freire (Spain), Gabriele Gottani (I), Giuliano Gualandi (I), Alessandro Marchetti (I), Francesco Nuzzo (I), Ilaria Tubia Mondin (I),  Maurizio Zanetti (I). Special prizes: Francesco Nuzzo (I), Maurizio Zanetti (I).  Special mention: Donatella Guidorizzi (I).
  • 4th edition 2019 Grand Winner: Gabriel Baiguini (Switzerland). Monthly winners: Laura Rita Massimiliani (Italy), Carmen Mensink (Netherlands), Irene Carletti (I), Lorenzo Parpajola (I), Frank Carroll (Australia), Luis Freire Salinas (Spain), Klavdija Marušič (I), Michele Discardi (I), Cristina Maraffi (I), Daniela Petrucci (I). Special prize: Roberto Pestarino (I). Special mention: Alice Sassi (I)
    One additional monthly winner (not listed here) has been disqualified in the aftermath because he is a professional photographer.
  • 3rd edition 2018 (nov 2017-sept 2018) Grand Winner: Jaroslav Mares (Czech Republic). Monthly winners: Paolo Felletti Spadazzi (Italy), Gianmarco Donaggio (Norway), Paul Andrews (UK), Mark Robinson (UK), Bryan Aptekar (USA), Andrea Trabucco (I), Marilena Previdi (I), Simon Yin (PRC – China), Jaroslav Mares (Czech Republic), Jonni Locatelli (I). Special prizes: Gianmarco Donaggio (Norway), Paolo Felletti Spadazzi (I), Maurizio Zanetti (I), Bryan Aptekar (USA), Paul Andrews (UK), Patrizia Turchetti (I), Maria Claudia Poggia (I)
  • 2nd edition 2017  (nov 2016- sett 2017) Grand Winner: Tatiana Lazareva (Russia). Monthly winners: Massimo Campioli (Italy), Marco  Cendret (I), Luca De Riz (I), Tatiana Lazareva (RU), Luca Massarotto (I), Katia Morichetti (I), Mirka Rallo (I), Cleve Schneider (USA), Anna Szmuda (Poland), Piera Trento (I), Giovanni Volpe (I), Rosemary Wilmot (UK), Maurizio Zanetti (I). Special Prize: Mirka Rallo (I). Special mentions: Luca Lamanna (I), Maida Marrocchella (I), Alexandre Neves (Portugal)
  • 1st edition 2015- 2016  (ott 2015-ott 2016) Grand Winner: Annik Susemihl (Germany). Monthly winners: Alfredo Aleandri (Italy), Marco Cendret (I), Tiziano Chiesa (I), Michael J. Damone (USA), Marco Dilavanzo (I), Sue Henderson (USA),  Luca Lamanna (I), Alessandro Secondin (I), Annik Susemihl (D), Paola Volpe (I), Rosemary Wilmot (UK), Joseph Zarzano (USA). Special prize: Ettore Chernetich (I) photo contest winners



The 6th edition has automatically started…! with 12 monthly competitions. The next deadline is the last day of every month.


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The winning photos of 2020

Our exhibiting program and activities (already suspended after the 2019 exceptional high tides) have been delayed because of authorities’ restrictions to limit the spread of Covid-19, and recent events. We have partly restarted on the occasion of the Biennale, with the group show open upon reservation. A new stop has been necessary.  We had to delay some awards and “group some months”; anyway, all the photos entered in 2020 have regularly competed in the 5th edition though with some delay. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


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