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One Day In Venezia Photo Contest

2019 Grand Winner:

Gabriel Baiguini (Switzerland)


I am Gabriel Baiguini.

I live in Switzerland and my origins are in Friuli (Italy). As a child, we used to spend our holidays there every year and on the way back to make a stop in Venice. Already at that time, I succumbed to the magic and beauty of this city, and since then I have visited Venice every year, which for me is somehow like coming home. I especially love strolling through the empty streets on Christmas morning and have the city all to myself and to my camera. 

And about my solo show…

Whenever possible I used to travel all over the world before the outbreak of the pandemic. With my small, non-professional camera always with me, I was able to capture a glimpse of some special moments on those unforgettable trips, which are beautiful memories of a time that will hopefully come again soon.

The deep emotions I felt taking each of these pictures, however, are still there. (See below!)


Enjoy Gabriel Baiguini’s VIRTUAL SOLO SHOW! (Please allow some moments for download)

2019 Monthly Winners (nominations for the Grand Prize):

Laura Rita Massimiliani (Italy), Carmen Mensink (Netherlands), Irene Carletti (I), Lorenzo Parpajola (I), Frank Carroll (Australia), Luis Freire Salinas (Spagna), Klavdija Marušič (I),  Cristina Maraffi (I), Daniela Petrucci (I).

2019 Special Prize of Giudecca 795 Art Gallery:

Roberto Pestarino (I)

Special Mention:

Alice Sassi (I)


The finalists in their own words


Ciao, this is Laura Massimiliani. I live in Milan with my daughters and my three cats.

I have a passion for swimming since I was 6 years old, and for photography: an intimate passion that became stronger after a journey to Myanmar some years ago, where for the first time I took pictures with a reflex camera I borrowed.

So, on the occasion of my 49th birthday, I made myself a big present, a “real” camera, and from that day we became inseparable friends ?

Very soon I understood I had simply fallen in love with photography and its sense of freedom. I took a basic and then an advanced course in photography, enthusiast of my progress. A few months later I was back in Venice, which I love deeply, to shoot some photos, and something very unusual happened to me.  I was shooting photos from a bridge and did not notice I was kind of obstructing the passage. A lady first scolded me, then she mentioned this photo contest and invited me to join it! I got really surprised. Back home, while reviewing my photos, I thought of her words. Imagine my surprise and happiness when I was informed that one of my photos had been awarded!!!

I think people, even by chance, come into our lives for a reason… always.



Ciao a tutti, this is Carmen Mensink. I am a painter of thangkas, the traditional Tibetan scroll paintings of Buddhas and mandalas, and I am based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I am so lucky to travel the world to teach this beautiful art, as well as Buddhist meditation and philosophy. I am being asked to work on related Tibetan art forms, including large floor paintings of the ‘8 Auspicious Symbols’ to welcome the Dalai Lama in the Netherlands in his visits.

I use to visit Venice almost every year to give workshops, and every time I reserve at least one full day for me; I use to visit exhibits and walk all day, taking pictures with my camera. Somehow, another form of meditation!



Ciao, this is Irene Carletti.

I am from Modena, Italy, and I am a student at the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice.

My passion for foreign languages pushed me to travel the world, but Venice has a special place in my heart. I love it since I relocated there in 2016, and I consider it my second home.

I adore getting lost in the calli and canals in this magic city, exploring its most hidden corners and discover breath-taking views: always together with my reflex, my companion in a thousand adventures.

Venezia is a unique city, surprising you every day; in my shots, I try to express my creativity, but above all my goal is to depict a city different from the usual “postcard Venice”.

As Henri Cartier-Bresson used to say “it is an illusion that photos are shot by a camera… they are shot by your eyes, heart, head”.

Ciao, I’m Lorenzo Parpajola. I am from Venice and work in a hotel overlooking St. Mark’s basin.

I discovered photography when I was a child and from that moment it has become my passion. I try to cultivate it by traveling and discovering new places to immortalize, even though I always have the most beautiful subject at hand.

Although I have always lived in Venice and had the good fortune to photograph almost every corner, each shot makes me move like a child who unwraps his first gift.

My biggest dream is to make my passion my job, thus having the opportunity to grasp spontaneity in everything that surrounds me.

Hello. My name is Frank Carroll and I am seventy and Australian.

In 1975 I purchased my first SLR film camera and immediately fell in love with photography, but after four years my circumstances changed. It was not until 2015, when I purchased a DSLR, that I returned to this beautiful art form. Everything is now so different from the old film days. I have joined a camera club and have discovered new friends with a common interest. I find modern imaging technology fascinating and exciting.

I have been lucky enough to share my passion with my lifelong partner, and together we travel the world and take photographs. We have visited Venezia several times and we find that around any corner there is always a wonderful new vista. My favourite genres are Street Photography, Landscape, and Cityscape, and when in Australia I enjoy Astrophotography because of our clear skies. I find wonderful scope for these in Venezia, and my most recent visit was to see Carnivale and the winter months.

In my youth, I studied Classical Art and History. Only now can I see and enjoy the architecture and art from the Old World. Australia is a beautiful country with its own unique history and landscape, but there is nothing of Europe prior to 1800, and each time it is a wonderful experience for me to come to Venice.

Photography and travel are learning experiences that work together. After my family, these two are the best rewards.


PLEASE NOTE: We found out that the proclaimed monthly winner for June 2019 is a professional photographer (who apologized by saying he submitted a pic shot 5 years ago when he was still a student in photography). As per our regulation, this is not fair as we are giving a chance to amateur professionals who are trying to have their chance NOW.

For this reason, and also because of technical issues with our server, the Jury decided to cancel the monthly award for June 2019 and to consider the remaining contestants in one competition from July to September 2019:  we decided to assign one monthly prize and one special mention.

We remind you that the One Day In Venezia Photo Contest is open to amateur photographers only and that the registration fee is not refundable.



Hi, my name is Luis Freire. I live in Madrid (Spain) and I’m a web designer. When I have a day off I enjoy traveling, something I always do taking the camera with me. Travel and nature photography are the modalities that I like the most.

With photography and travel, you expand your vision of the world and the cultures that share it, and with nature photography, you usually enjoy tranquility and loneliness.

In Venice, oddly enough, there are also hours and places where you can enjoy that tranquility and have the city at your disposal. Although you have to be willing to sleep little or do it late.

I visited Venice for the first time 10 years ago, during Carnival. Since then I have been in the city almost once a year. I have photographed its Carnival, its canals, campi and fondamenta, sunrises and sunsets, and its magical and quiet nights.

I hope to continue discovering much more of this city in the future.



Hi, this is Klavdija Marušič. I was born in Slovenia, but

I have always lived in Trieste, where I work as a clerk. In my spare time, I like drawing, painting, and taking photos. My photos are sketches, sketches of my travels. The cameras are my diary in which I write down my impressions. I am amazed by the light, by the colors that surround me and nourish me. For this reason, I take advantage of the proximity to Venice, and I often spend weekends in the lagoon city to be able to admire more deeply the beauty of every corner.

Thus, even visiting an art exhibition becomes a way to seize the moment and savor a different perspective.

One day I visited an exhibition at the Ca’ D’Oro and was able to admire the sinuous and sublime architecture of the building with different shades through the work of art



Ciao, I am Michele Discardi and I was born just a few kilometres away from Venezia.

Now I’m living in Portugal, but I’ve grown up and studied in Venice.

I approached photography about 12 years ago and since then I’ve always experimented with landscapes and architecture.

The “floating city” has been and still is a huge inspiration for my photography and I can’t wait the next time I’ll be there again exploring some more hidden spots around the best narrow street you’ll ever find.

My name is Cristina Maraffi and I live in Pordenone. I am a specialist in psychiatry. For some years I have taken up my camera again, and taking pictures has become my passion; so now my camera is my faithful companion on my trips and also on my walks – often taken in Venice.

The photo awarded in the competition represents a reflection of the bell tower on the parapet of the Rialto Bridge captured in the first light of dawn on a rainy day when the dominant color was purple.



My name is Daniela Petrucci and I live in Genoa.

I love traveling, reading, and taking photos. This passion of mine allows me to freeze moments to remember and express my perception of the world and how I see things.

With my camera I like to walk, perhaps without a destination, to go in search of details, nuances or situations, and above all, I like to observe expressions and attitudes in the people I meet.

This photo was taken during a trip to Venice in the company of a friend, and I am happy to have caught a moment of daily life so rich in tradition and colors.

We could only stay a few days, but it was enough for Venice to remain in my heart.  It really has a special charm and I hope I was able to share part of it with this shot.



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