Tips for Photographers Entering a Contest


Exposure is about having your name circulate: and it is important for an amateur photographer. The bigger the audience, the better.

We wish to  share and comment author Sheena Koontz‘s Tips for photographers entering a contest in a recent article on

  • Research the company. (In our case,  an Art Gallery in Venice Italy and several partners helping reaching as great exposure)
  • Look up previous winners and verify they exist. (Feel free to browse our page dedicated to the OneDayInVenezia Winners. And more to come!)
  • Read over all of the rules and fine print (This is exactly what we recommend, and it is mandatory in our application form).
  • Avoid contests with entry fees over $35. If a contest asks for more than $35, that alone doesn’t make it a scam, but it’s definitely on the high end. There had better be an awesome prize! (Our entry fee is 10 euros, around 10 USD).
  • If the contest offers to publish your photograph in a book, then make sure they are sending you a copy for free. (If we publish a catalogue in the future, this will only happen if we find a sponsor that can afford paying for it, and hopefully reserving copies for the participants).
  • Verify who is judging the contest. If no judges are listed, this can be a red flag. (We are happily listed, and you can refer to the Gallery)

Very important: you continue to own the copyrights to the images you are submitting.


If you haven’t yet,

read the rules.. and enter the ONE DAY IN VENEZIA contest!