Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of real commonly asked questions. Please browse this list before contacting us.

      • What is One Day in Venezia?
        The OneDayInVenezia.com Photo Contest is an international photography prize open to AMATEUR  PHOTOGRAPHERS of any age and nationality, who love Venezia. Rated among the 10 Top things to do in Venice Italy! Photographers by profession, and photographers who were already exhibiting at the hosting gallery before the year 2015, are not admitted.
      • What is the aim of the contest?
        The contest wishes to encourage people visiting Venice to take photos with awareness and respect (not just selfies, please!). At the same time, we hope to offer space to amateur photographers, create a community of like-minded people, and possibly support new talents.
      • I am not in Venice at present. How can I enter the contest?
        No matter when you have been to Venice! Submit photos you took during any of your previous visits. As you will read, the Grand Prize includes a trip back! Btw, this is an online contest, open 24/7 all year round, accepting photos in JPG format via our website.
      • “I am leaving tomorrow”
        Make the most of your stay! Open your eyes and your mind, look around. No need to print on paper. Choose from photos of your previous visits if any.  If your trip to Venice lasted only a few hours… well, consider planning a real vacation!
      • I am a photographer by profession. Can I participate in the contest?
        If you are making a living on your work as a photographer (by selling your photos or running a photography lab) this contest is not for you.
      • What do you mean by “professional photographer” and “amateur photographer”? What’s the difference?
        A photographer by profession is a person whose main paid occupation is photography. This contest is reserved for amateur photographers, people whose main profession is not photography (and who in many cases are better than some professional!)
      • How does the One Day In Venezia Photo contest work?
        If you have been to Venezia, browse your photo album: after registering for a small fee (just 10 euros), you can submit your photos of Venice, shot during any of your visits, in any year or season. The contest runs online every day of the year, 24/7. Every yearly edition is made up of 12 monthly competitions. The Jury awards one winner per month (in some cases more than one, as “ex aequo winners”), and selects one final Grand winner among the monthly winners. In addition, at the end of the year, we will be reviewing again ALL the submitted photos, and some Special Prizes will also be awarded.
      • “I am not good enough”.
        (How many times have we heard this phrase?) If you have a passion for photography, you are good enough to try. You need the motivation to improve, and this is a good one. We may award very imperfect photos, but able to communicate a special point of view, a concept, an emotion.
      • I do not trust my ability as a photographer and use Photoshop to improve my images. Is this ok?
        We recommend little or no photo editing and retouching: be as natural and genuine as possible, no matter if you are not “perfect”. Anyway, computer-generated images, artwork, and illustrations will not be accepted.
      • Can I enter the competition? I am a student in photography / I am a student / I am a kid / I am a teenager / I am retired / I would have liked to become a photographer / I’d like to become a professional / I am a self-taught photographer / I feel free to express myself  when I take pictures / I enjoy photography just for fun / I use a camera / I take photos with my phone (smartphone, iphone)
        All of you: welcome on board!
      • What is the theme of the contest?
        What memories of Venice are you taking home with you after your trip?”
        We may suggest sub-themes, such as acqua alta, night in Venice, and so on.
      • How do I register? How do I upload my photos?
        Fill in the form at http://www.onedayinvenezia.com/the-contest/. You will be prompted to accept the contest regulations, sign the online disclaimer, pay the registration fee via Paypal (only 10 euros!), and upload your first photo.
        Please note that you can compete with more than one photo, in the same month or later on (even in the following yearly editions); submitting additional photos requires 5 euros each – all fees include 22% taxes and the Paypal commission.
        The contest receives no other financial contribution.  
        If your session has expired, you’ll have to start a new session and re-enter your data.
      • Why do you suggest entering the contest “now”?
        For 2 reasons: because we select 12 monthly winners who will compete for the final Grand Prize, and traditionally the last monthly contests of the year count more participants! Secondly, if you wish to compete in some other month until the end of the edition, you will have more chances.
      • When are the monthly deadlines?
        The monthly competitions run from the 1st to the last day of the month. And so on. (This replaces the deadline regulations we issued for the first 3 editions)
      • When is the monthly winner announced?
        At the beginning of the month following the competition.
      • Do the Covid-19 restrictions affect the contest?
        We did our best to limit inconveniences in a generally difficult situation, but some variations are possible (e.g., the group show of the 2019 edition, to be held in early 2020, was organized in mid-2020 and has been developed also as a virtual show, for those who were not able to visit it).
      • What is the suggested equipment, and requested file format?
        Any camera, tablet, or phone will do. Be your camera digital or analogic, the output for the contest must be a jpg file. Each jpg should be a maximum of 300 dpi and no more than 4MB in file size.
      • My file exceeds 4 MB. How do I compress it?
        You can compress your file with any editing program. Contact us if you need. Here we are suggesting you some free programs for image resizing:
        – for Mac;
        – for Windows;
        – app for Android;
        – app for ios.
      • Can I mail you prints on paper to enter the contest?
        All entries must be submitted via the online form, and we only accept photos in JPG format.
        All materials sent to us via snail mail will not be viewed and cannot be returned. Each jpg should be a maximum of 300 dpi and no more than 4MB in file size. In case of victory, please have your hi-res jpg file ready – suitable for printing.
      • How do I know that my photos have been uploaded correctly?
        Make sure to receive an upload confirmation from the system. We take no responsibility for corrupted files sent to us, or for late entries. If you receive no confirmation message, feel free to inquire with us via the contact form.
      • Can I submit another person’s work?
        No, but you can invite the other person to enter the contest. And obviously, you cannot use other people’s works:  the image(s) must be your original work, under your responsibility. You must be the sole author and owner of the copyright of all images entered. We do not accept any liability for the publication of unlawfully reproduced images.  Professional photographers, and artists who already collaborate with the gallery at the starting date of the 1st edition of the contest (Oct 2015), are not admitted to participate in the contest.
      • Can I introduce a friend?
        Yes, thank you. Presenting a friend who joins the competition gives you the right to receive an exposure bonus for the coming months.
      • I shot some photos of children. Can I submit them?
        Here you have a big WARNING: if you take pictures of people who can be recognized, it is your responsibility to have their written and signed permission. This is a must for subjects under 18 years old (you will need their parents signed permission). Here is a sample form, in ItalianThe publication of such images is possible only with the written permission of the subjects. Otherwise, you may not be eligible for the award.
      • Who is selecting the pictures, and what are their criteria?
        The winning images will be awarded by the Jury, whose decision on all matters relating to the competition is final. We reserve the right to not award a winner for the month if, in the opinion of the judges, the quality of entries falls below the standard required. Offensive images are not admitted. We reserve the right to disqualify any entrant for unfair behavior.
      • How much is the entry fee?
        Please note that all fees include 22% taxes plus Paypal commissions. The registration fee is only 10 euros, which includes the upload of one photo. Additional photos are charged only 5 euros (files storage and image processing for the display).
      • Why do I have to pay a fee to enter the contest?
        We do not have financial partners at the moment, which is a hard choice but allows us to be completely free in the selection of the images. The entry fees are meant to cover the costs of the organization and the development of the project.  
      • Can I submit more than one photo?
        Yes, you can enter one or more photographs. You can submit extra photos at a discounted fee of 5 euros each, as many as you wish. ALL of them will be reviewed and receive exposure.
      • If I have not won for the month, but I want to try again and submit the same pic or new photos, can I enter the contest again?
      • I entered last year’s edition of the contest. I’d like to enter also this year’s edition: do I have to pay the registration fee again? 
        No, your next submission will be charged only 5 euros per submitted photo.
      • Do I maintain the copyright on my photos?
        Yes. By submitting your images, you grant us the non-exclusive right to reproduce them for contest advertising and exhibiting purposes, at any time in any media with attribution, without further compensation.
      • Are you going to use my photos for purposes other than the contest?
        Your uploaded photos will not be used elsewhere or sold by OneDayInVenezia without your prior authorization.
      • What about the Awards? Interesting question!

        • In case you are not awarded… you’ll be somehow awarded all the same! In fact:
          EVERY SUBMITTED  PHOTO will get exposure at an art gallery in Venice, Giudecca 795.
          Your work will be displayed in the art gallery on an electronic display which will feature all of each month’s submissions (the exposure has been extended, due to lockdowns). Btw this is something that you can add to your photographer’s resume.
          All contest participants visiting the gallery in person will receive one t-shirt for free while supplies last. (Setting aside your t-shirt during lockdowns and closing periods).
        • Twelve winners will be selected – one per month – to have their work produced as a high-quality print, and displayed in a group show of the twelve winners, hosted at the Gallery (the pandemic compelled us to have ALSO a virtual interactive version of the show; and we are preparing a catalog). The monthly winning photos receive a critic review by a professional; along with their authors’ bio, they are included in the Winners page of our website and in the (free) catalog (more to come). (We are late with the critic reviews… Professionals are always so busy!)
        • At the end of the year, the Jury reviews all the submitted photos and may assign some additional Special Awards – depending on the quality of the images. The Giudecca 795 Art Gallery assigns one or more Special Prizes – also included in the group show and the catalog.
        • Each of the monthly winners has the potential to win  the YEARLY GRAND PRIZE including the above, plus in addition: (locations and dates to be confirmed) 

        Dates to be agreed upon availability.  

      • How about the pandemic? Did the restrictions affect your or your partners’ plans?
        Yes, a lot, and we are asking you to be patient, please. Delays and variations are to be expected. We are trying to limit the inconveniences. Thank you for your appreciation and comprehension.
      • If I win the grand prize, can I donate my awarded staying and/or dinner to someone else as a gift, e.g. my parents? Yes 🙂 The grand prize winner may decide to give the 2 nights staying, dinner and gondola tour as a present to someone else. The right to the solo show is strictly personal.
      • What about the trip to Venice for the final winner?
        We are working on that! We may be delaying the trip because of the pandemic. Help us spread the voice so that we have a high participation rate!
      • Will you be publishing a catalog? And if so, will I have to pay to get a copy?
        We are working on a catalog of the awarded photos in the past editions, available for download (free). We welcome sponsors on this project.
    • Was this FAQs list helpful?
    • Feel free to contact us if you have not found what you are looking for!