One Day in Venezia photo contest’s new events, info and deadline

Current events:

all submitted photos displayed at the Giudecca 795 Art Gallery in Venice;

LATEST NEWS: Annik Susemihl, last year’s Grand Winner, has been invited to participate to Bassano Fotografia 2017, where she is exhibiting her works about Venice until 2 November 2017. Her second photography show!


Next deadline for monthly submissions: 30 September 2017

Theme: one day in Venice Italy

Sub-theme (suggested, optional): “curiosity”



3 April 2017: Tough decision about choosing the March winner.  The Jury is still at work

Past events

4 March 2017: Find the new winners and comments at The Winners webpage

Find the professional photo review written so far, at

14 January 2017. Beginning Saturday 14 January 2017: the first edition finalists’ group show at the Hilton Molino Stucky Venice hotel. While the current edition of the photocontest is underway, the group show of last year’s finalists is on exhibition! From 14 to 31 January, presents the fifteen fine art prints from the international competition for aspiring photographers at the Hilton Molino Stucky Venice hotel, which is a partner in the competition. See our Media webpage for more

23 December 2016.  One Day In Venice! The preview of the group show of the monthly winners will be held at the Hilton Molino Stucky Venice in January 2017. Stay tuned!
Annik Susemihl (1st edition Grand Winner) will be our guest in Venice in a few weeks and will be exhibiting soon.

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16 December 2016:  Some good news
The monthly awards have been enriched with a great chance for amateur photographers.  The monthly winners,  in addition to a  fine art print (30×40 cms) of their awarded image, the participation to the group show, and the chance to win the Grand Prize, are getting a free critic review of their work by a professional photographer. The review can then be published online or be kept private.

The Grand Prize is confirmed as two days in Venice (trip included for two) and one’s own solo show. As you may have already read, our hotel partner for the second edition is the Hotel Metropole (5 stars) in Riva degli Schiavoni. It will host the Grand Winner and partner.


4 November 2016


Dear Friends,

the 2nd edition of the OneDayInVenezia Photo Contest has started, the 2017 calendar is about to be published and… what a complicated year it has been. We had this strong perception every time that, month by month, we used to publish joyful posts in a sea of .. inhuman news in the media. Every month. The contest’s first edition started shortly before the attack at the Bataclan, the second appears along with the new from Central Italy earthquake. The slogan “Show must go on” sounds always a little cynical, but it makes sense, it has a sense of life. Maybe we do not feel like, but smiling is important. And in these past 12 months, we have met some real masters in this art. So we repeat: Keep Calm, & Take Photos. – – A big kiss

31 October 2016: Ciao! the theme of the 2nd edition of the contest is still a “wide” “Your personal Venice”, but if you wish to experiment we are proposing you a subtheme: “The water of Venice”

23 October 2016:  Countdown! For the start of the second edition: 25th of October. See you soon!

10 October 2016: We have published on our homepage the names of the last winners for the 1st edition! Congratulations

3 October 2016:  While waiting for the name of the next monthly winner, and the Grand Prize winner’s, we invite the past monthly winners to EMAIL US in HI RES the awarded photos for publication on the  MolinoStuckyHiltonVenice 2017 calendar 🙂 grazie. It is still  possible to submit your photos for the Special Prize assigned by the gallery.

24 September 2016: The final deadline of the first edition of the Photo contest has been postponed to the 30th of September 2016, to allow more time to visitors who just spent their summer vacations in Venice. Keep up the good work, will be waiting for your photos!

We’d like to thank, first of all, the participants whose photos are used in our communication and videos: Mario Del Do for the leading image, and Rosemary Wilmot, Maria Roccaforte, Pamela Wheeler, Mauro Chiesa, Klaus Bayer, Sue Henderson, Luca Rossini

15 August 2016: Happy “Ferragosto” to all of you. The gallery will be closed for some days, so there will be extra screenings for the scheduled monthly photos. Keep calm and take photos!. Enjoy your vacations.

27 July 2016: Last month’s winner has been – as usual – published in our home page and winners page. We are now working at the selection of the best photo for the June-July contest.
Thank you guys who visited the gallery, hope you enjoyed it! The gallery will be closed today, and open tomorrow for a limited time,  for a new setting up.

2 July 2016: Some more days of patience please, for the proclamation of  best photo submitted in the month of June. Every entry is to be appreciated for its originality or style or intention: choosing is not an easy task. Anyway, there is some GOOD NEWS : Giudecca 795 Art Gallery decided to award a special prize at the end of the yearly competition reviewing ALL photos submitted during the past months.

Btw the art gallery is closed this weekend and the following one, for the set up a new art show in a fortress in Trentino

24 June 2016:  It’s so hot! For technical reasons the gallery has been closed yesterday. Today we have welcomed 2 of the winners, Paola Voloe and Tiziano Chiesa

17 June 2016: The theme of our photo contest is still “your memories of one day in Venezia”, but yesterday’s unusual tide peak (117 cms… in  June???!) inspired us the SPECIALE ACQUA ALTA: if you submit photos of acqua alta (also of past years) before 28 June 2016, your exposure period is doubled! Register online

8 May 2016: Festa della Sensa, the Marriage with the Sea…. On with your photoshooting!  The gallery will be open 4pm to 8 pm.  April’s winner (as you arlready saw) is Marco Cendret. Keep up the good work!

25 April 2016:  What a day is today! Traditionally a triple celebration: Italy’s national Liberation Day, the Feast of St. Mark’s (Venice’s patron saint), and La Festa del Bocolo, a romantic occasion when men give women a red rose, whether those women are their mothers, wives, daughters, or girlfriends.

Keep calm and take photos!! Our April contest has closed yesterday (the winner will be announced on May 1st) but the MAY CONTEST is already open, from today until the 24th of May.  Keep up the good work!